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Dry Cleaners



Richard Forsyth has worked in the business since 1980 and ran the major operations while under his                                      parents ownership since 1988. He completed his training at International                                          Fabricare Institute in 1982. He started off in 1980 as a delivery driver and                                     throughout the years learned the business both managerial as well as                                               working side by side with his other employees. His wife                                                                  Theresa works for the business pressing, assembling and doing office work.


   Corey Forsyth is third generation manager and joined the business in 2004 while he was still in high school. He has completed dry cleaning training at the Dry Cleaning Laundry Institute in Laurel Maryland. He has his certification in fabricare stain removal and machinery operations for pressing and cleaning.


   D & D Drycleaners  was established in 1977 under the ownership of Donald & Dorothy Forsyth. Hence, the D&D name. We started off in a small store front at the old Vality shopping center in Ledyard Connecticut. Aproximately nine months later we purchased our first plant on Bank Street in New London, Connecticut.  Over the years we have done

numerous wholesale accounts and purchased our current location in 1991. Throughout the years mainly family have run the business and in 2007 a second generation took over the business entirely when Don & Dot decided to retire.