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Dry Cleaners



Q.  Should I use Stain Removers before I bring in my garments?

A.  We ask that you don't use any stain removing products prior to your visit. Store bought stain removers often react with the dry cleaning solutions we use as they are designed to work with water.

Q.  Do you clean other fabrics and household items such as draperies and bedspreads?

A.  Our professional cleaning service isn’t just for clothes. We provide expert care for draperies, bedspreads, tablecloths and other fine household fabrics, too. Our professionals gently remove even the most stubborn dirt. We whiten whites and brighten colors to make your entire home look beautiful.

Q.   Do you offer same-day-service?

A.  Of course! We offer same day service on all dry-cleaning laundry! All dry cleaning/laundry in by 8:45am is out by 2pm. Sometimes it is not just about saving money, but saving time. Items that are heavily stained may need additional time to work on stains. We will call you if that may be the case.

A.  There are many factors that determine the stability of a garment and the type of cleaning required. Was the material pre-shrunk? Dry cleaning does NOT induce shrinkage compared to machine washing.


Cleaning labels mainly address the fabric do not always address any beading, sequins, leather trim, etc. that may have been placed on the garment. These embellishments can severely limit the serviceablity and care of a garment.


Dye stability: Some dyes are stable when cleaned in water and some when dry cleaned. Some dyes cannot withstand either cleaning process. When there is a question, a test will be done first and if it does not pass the test, we will call the customer to let them know.

Q.   Why should drycleaners follow a garment's care label?

Q.   Why are your prices higher than the $1.99 per item cleaners?

We perform much more work and care to assure your garments are attended to in the best possible manner. Our prices are a reflection of the extra care and attention and effort we extend. Many one price cleaners don't extend the extra care.


For example: They may clean your clothes but don't work on stains or take the extra effort to work on stains and therefore you get clothes back many times with stain tags stating it can not come out. We only stain tag if we have tried at least twice to get the stain out.


It's impossible to treat every material the same and we take the extra effort to provide professional service to give you peace of mind that your clothing was handled properly and not just thrown into a machine and pressed. We look over every article of clothing carefully before it leaves the store.